Welcome to Wealth Club

Welcome to
Wealth Club

We’re an NFT project that combines Web2 networking with Web3 technology to create a community-driven ecosystem focused on wealth development.

The Project

Wealth Club is a unique community that values the opinions and contributions of its members in decision-making processes.


We welcome entrepreneurs, business executives, creators, developers, and individuals from all backgrounds to join and build together. Our community's diversity and shared passion for innovation and sustainability make us a dynamic group of like-minded individuals who are driven to create innovative solutions.


Our primary objective is to provide our members with the resources, support, and opportunities they need to grow and succeed. We offer networking opportunities to help members connect with each other and with potential partners and investors. We also have other collaborative initiatives that allow members to explore their ideas and bring them to life

Innovation in Entertainment

As part of our efforts, we have developed a sandbox plot focused on entertainment because we believe that successful people also love to play. By providing a platform for experimentation and innovation in the entertainment industry, our members can unleash their creativity and develop new solutions that can shape the future of business and networking.

Ultimate Goal

We believe that a culture of collaboration and innovation is key to achieving our goals. To that end, we strive to foster an environment that encourages collective brainstorming, open communication, and shared decision-making processes among our members. As we continue to grow and expand, our ultimate goal is to become a trusted and reliable community of innovators who are making a positive impact in the world.

"Empowering community for value-driven innovation"


Our community is borderless, but inclusive. We are a global network.


We will share exclusive opportunities, business ideas and business resources to empower every member of our community

Growing together

We've had two events, in Serbia and Paris with some members of the community. We encourage and will provide resources for our community to network connect and grow with one another.


Our fundamental value is to give before receiving. We want our holders to lead with value, and encourage all of our holders to participate and share their knowledge about their given field of expertise.


Your Personal Piece Of Art At Home


What You Deserve

NFTs Airdrops

Metaverse Expansion

Casino development
Games development

Giving Back

Charity donations
More utilities soon to come. We are an evolutive project

Our Partners

The Wealth Club has partnered with major celebrities, world-renowned artists, as well as innovative companies throughout the Web3 space.
Artits partnerships have included Remi and Beloufa.
Celebrity partnerships have included Amber Rose, Summer Walker, The Game, Shadmoss, Daveeast, Mimifaust, Jadakiss, Neyo amongst others.

Web3 partnerships include Cubit Visual, a certified Sandbox design and development studio that works on all Metaverse aspects of the project, from estate development to games, quests, and private members’ play-to-win games. Cryptopoly holders will have exclusive access to special developments and games in the upcoming Legion Network Metaverse BlueMoon.

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The official Wealth Club development has already been built in Animoca Brand’s The Sandbox metaverse.
Our community will have special quests, games, virtual networking opportunities, and other incentives available upon the official launch of The Sandbox. How to connect to Sandbox

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